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Building your own website?
There are literally hundreds of thousands of do-it-
yourself site builders available today.  Depending
on your specific skills, it’s definitely doable.
However, even the most user friendly site builder
out there has a learning curve, and will take a bit
of time to grasp.  Even with a template site, you
still need some more than basic computer skills to
navigate your way to publishing.  Most small
business owners may not have these skills but most
importantly, they just don’t have the time.  Your
time is valuable, and spending it trying to maneuver
through a beginners course on building a website is
probably not the best use of it.

Let us do it for you.
There’s a lot that goes in to building
a good, user friendly site.  Jordan
Web Marketing can build a site
that meets the standards that you
need for your specific business, and
it’s extremely affordable, since we
are targeted to small business owners.

Time is money, and if you don’t have
a website working round the clock
for your business, you’re losing
revenue. Contact us today for a quote!  

Doing it yourself? Click here for some advice!