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Thinking of building your own business website?  
Your website is an important investment.  It represents your business to prospective customers, and
often will be their first experience with you.  There are many do it yourself site builders out there that
range from extremely simple to advanced for the more experienced user.  Bottom line is that you
want to make sure your business is represented in a professional manner, and I highly recommend
you hire someone to build the site for you.  However, if you want to build your own business
website, here are some things you need to remember:

Make it clear what your business does - your visitors shouldn’t have to guess.  On every page
of your site, make sure you clearly state your company name and what products or service you offer.  

Register your domain name - and of course, your actual business name if possible is best.  


Clear and Easy navigation - avoid flashy, cutesy descriptions for your navigation.  Visitors don’t
like to have to become detectives to figure out how to move around your site.  

Contact information - don’t make them have to get out a magnifying glass and map to figure out
how to contact you.  This seems obvious, but so often I’ve seen websites that literally take me
minutes to figure out where the contact information is. Prospective customers will not be that patient.

Testimonials - speaks for itself - if you have happy customers, ask them to share their stories so
you can put them on your website.

A clear call to action - decide what you want your visitors to do and then make sure you tell them.  

Fresh, Quality content - offer visitors to your site information that is accurate, clear, and engaging.  
Not only will this give them a reason to come back, but will also give them something to recommend.

Friendly design - gadgets and flash might look
nice, but they slow your site load down.  Avoid them!

Serif offers a very nice WYSIWYG site
builder called WebPlus x5.  You don’t
need to know html but as with any
sitebuilding software, basic computer
skill is a must.  WebPlus has a robust
interface and you can create professional
looking sites from scratch or you can
use one of their templated designs.
Of all the WYSIWYG programs out there,
this one is the best in my opinion!
WebPlus X5
.Com Domains just $7.49 from GoDaddy.com! - 468x60
I recommend securing your domain
At GoDaddy as they have many other
Tools that you’ll want to check out as you
Move forward with your site.