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Search Engine Optimization
For the do-it-yourself business owner
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Keyword Research:  It is important to identify keywords that will most likely convert for you.  You need to identify
buyer keywords as opposed to browser keywords.  For instance, an auto shop who specializes in transmission repair
and rebuilding should focus in on the keywords/phrases that show the searcher has an actual intent - that they are
seeking a shop that will be able to fix their vehicle’s transmission.  In this instance,  the browser keyword ‘transmissions’
will offer a ton of traffic - however this keyword will not bring you buyers.

The Google Search Term Suggestion tool located here will help you identify keywords.  Be sure to choose the ‘buyer’
keywords - for instance, for the auto shop previously mentioned, we optimize with long tail phrases such as ‘rebuilt
transmission’ or ‘transmission repair in (geographic area).  These keywords are specific and while they will have less
traffic, they will have a better chance at converting.

Site Submission: Submit your site to all of the industry specific directories that you can find.  Search for your
product or service and you’ll find a ton of directories you may have never heard of, and many are free.

Claim your Google Places listing and complete the profile, add photos and add special offers.

Social Media: Create social media profiles for your business - there are many out there such as Facebook,
Twitter, and Linked In.  Be sure to update your pages at least weekly.

Content: Fresh, factual, and original content is very important.  Make sure your content gives visitors a reason to return
And to recommend your site to others.

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